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AirServer | YouTube Streaming Done Right

In the world of all things design, branding and production, there comes a time when you feel the need to share your knowledge and reach your audience in an intimate manner. Look no further, AirServer is here for you. Most people that start a YouTube account enter a foreign world of technology that is difficult to navigate without a bit of guidance, no worries, Bella Brand Studios is here. To stream live on YouTube, an encoder is required. What is an encoder? I just lost some of you with that question alone, but we are here to simplify the journey into social media streaming. An encoder is software that allows you to capture content, including your desktop, camera, microphone, and more. There are several encoders out there, but look no further... in our opinion, AirServer is one of the best!!! Click the photo and start streaming. Building your brand is one click away.

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